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Due to the current events regarding COVID-19, all of the in-person classes have been postponed until further notice. I hope everyone stays healthy and I can't wait to work with you again in the future. Until then,  go to the "Book a Class" tab for a live virtual version of my pregnancy and postpartum hospital classes. In addition, for all my pregnant mamas, check out my class "Prenatal Fitness 101" which is an online prerecorded video version of my hospital class! See below to check it out.

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"We can always tell when a mom has taken your Prenatal Fitness class as her labor is so much quicker and easier. Thank you for offering this class!" -Labor and Delivery nurse

Learn how to have a safe and healthy pregnancy in Intro to Prenatal Fitness 101 where we go over everything you'd want to know from safe abs exercises to nutrition, bladder control issues to what to wear, better posture to tips and tricks to a healthy pregnancy, during your pregnancy to after!

Gain benefits such as reducing aches and pains, lessening lower back pain, lowering the risk of preterm labor and pregnancy high blood pressure, gaining energy, sleeping better, keeping heart healthy, and so much more!


You learn how to reduce aches and pains, and we even do some amazing stretching so you feel better overall! Take control of your pregnancy and do everything you can for you and your baby! Brought to you with the heart of a fellow pregnant mom-to-be and the science of a prenatal specialized certified personal trainer!

Mommy and Me Fitness Workshop

Intro to

Prenatal Fitness



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