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Created for soon-to-be moms by a new mom! The program consists of 3 workouts per week for the whole second and third trimesters. It starts on Week 14 of your pregnancy and goes all the way through to Week 40! It is a full-body program, incorporating cardio, weight training, stretching, flexibility, and stability, with all of the current recommended modifications needed for pregnancy. It is designed to help have an easier delivery and a quicker bounce back after.

Fit for Your Bump: At-Home is designed to be done in the comfort of your own home. Check out "Fit for Your Bump" for a gym version!


Make sure you are cleared by your physician or health care professional before starting this or any exercise program.

Fit for Your Bump: At-Home

  • This guide was created for moms who want to be as healthy as they can for themselves and their baby! It will help you to fit in your pre-pregnancy clothes again after delivery, have better posture, have more energy, exercise safely, effectively, and efficiently! Does this sound like you? Read below for all the details!

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