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When I first decided to start eating healthier, I had some recipes that I knew I loved but I realized that they weren't exactly healthy. So I've been working on healthy versions of loved recipes for many, many years. And this cookbook finally puts them all together! Even though they are healthy recipes, they are ones your whole family will enjoy. Finally, to be able to easily cook and not feel like you're on a diet!


Cooking Up a Healthy Body includes both savory and sweet, HEALTHY and DELICIOUS recipes. There are over 60 recipes separated in categories of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, which includes both afternoon snacks and desserts. It also includes pictures for EVERY SINGLE RECIPE to guide and inspire you. That's right! EVERY recipe has pictures so you can see what your dish will look like!


This cookbook has not only tons of appetizing recipes, but also so many other remarkable features, such as delectable pictures for every recipe, a weekly menu idea, distinctive nutrition info and exclusive pro-tips, unique healthy substitutions, mental reflection exercises to help you to choose healthier food options and keep notes of favorite recipes, motivational and inspirational quotes, and even some noteworthy new-mom ideas for my postpartum ladies!


Each recipe is quick and easy to make, usually under 30 minutes, with easy-to-follow instructions. If it takes longer, it is oven time where you can do other things. Just don't forget to set your timer. There aren't a ton of weird ingredients in the recipes like so many other cookbooks have, so you can feel confident knowing your whole family will enjoy.


The dream of eating healthy and satisfying, yet still delicious, meals is now a reality with Cooking Up a Healthy Body. This the is book you will turn to again and again every time you go to eat.

Cooking Up a Healthy Body

  • This is not a physical book; this is a digital e-book. You will receive a link to your email that will give you access to the pdf document e-book.

  • For every full-priced cookbook purchased, 30 meals will be donated to Feeding America!

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